The Thrill of the Game

The World is more than it appears to your physical eyes…there are two Worlds that pull each other in opposing directions. When there are balances and harmonic resonances that move together, there is a still point where the two become ONE. Only in this zero point will Peace and Bliss be known.
Balance through non resistance is the way to experience this. Your existence is moving towards a less extreme separation of the two dimensions. Old patterns are being replaced as new ideas and coding move in to fill the new spaces that are being made. Many come to watch your growth as a planet and consciousness awakening due to it’s undetermined nature. As each of you claim your responsibility, you will see an entirely new World emerge before your outer and inner eyes. Those that practice using their inner eye will see and know that all is truly well. We support your existence and share our love with those who seek it.

If you are to see “both” sides of the yin/yang you will see that for every negative is a positive. We leave you in a joyful way by signing off…T.S.A!

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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