Why rush when it’s already done?

bendtime There is no time. Time is a fabrication created by the illusion of separation.

This is only experienced in the outer worlds. Know that all that you can be, do, and know is already completed. DONE. There is NO THING that you can create besides what has been, is or will be. All has happened and yet NO THING has happened and all in the same moment! The paradigm of what was accepted as truths are shifting to a new knowing or belief…The illusions too will come to an end as awareness evolves into the timeless formless void whence all outer illusions came from.

Breathe the 3 second breath to create a “still” mind. Breathe in counting to 3, Hold the breath counting to 3. Breathe out counting to 3 and Pause after the exhale counting to 3.

This breathing technique works to still the mind and create a space for infinite insights to come forth effortlessly and easily. Breathe this breath whenever you need to calm the mind, make a decision or connect with your memory bank of all that you’ve been, are and will be.

We give you the gift of support by sharing ways to connect and align to your inner essence of being. You are more powerful within than what you’ve allowed. Free your mind and live life fully. Always remember where you come from. All that is is there even if it’s been forgotten.

Use the 3 breath daily and repeat 3x when ever you breath a cycle of this 3 breath.

To your happiness, TSA


About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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