Every soul has a “memory bank”

There is a well known saying that states it’s important to live in the NOW.

This is true because you can wander in your thoughts and forget to live and be grounded in the present moment. The present moment is a “story” that has been created by you and is molded by your beliefs and the stories that you have accepted. All your experiences are then added to your memory bank.

The Knowledge Within Workbook co-written by Ti Mar and The Space Alliance states: ‘Just what is a memory bank? It is a precise record, much like another mind, known to record individual happenings for each soul.’

The light body houses this memory bank just above your head. That is were all memories from the World of Light and onward have been recorded and can be accessed. The past, present and the future.

The memory bank is different than the Akashic records or the Book of Life. . There is a direct connection between the memory bank and the Souls Book of Life. This offers the Soul information from the very beginning of the Soul’s recorded experience in the World of Light through out all dimensions and outer experiences. The memory bank assist the Soul in knowing itself.

To live life fully, a soul incorporates all realities at once. Bringing forth those attributes, talents or information that is beneficial in the NOW present moment.

Weaknesses and strengths, talents and health or other issues are all present. The outer conscious mind creates a story from birth and continues through out life. The fabricated life experience matches the beliefs and ideas that have been added to the memory bank as a “yes” or “no” preference by the Soul.

Beliefs are in a way similar to a judgment.  There is a inner acceptance or rejection to what ever the Soul is experiencing or thinking about.

Just as a person can change their thoughts they can also change their beliefs and ideas. When a new belief replaces the prior belief, the outer world begins to reflect the new one. Eventually this then becomes the person’s reality as they chose to experience that which they have chosen to believe.

The world is changing constantly just as your thoughts and beliefs do.

As you create new openings by changing your perspectives and views, new doors of opportunity follow. By choosing to perceive the positive aspects of a thought or experience, more positive events and opportunities are created.

The world changes as YOU change. What will you choose to express? Fear or Balanced harmony? ALL is possible and you are the designer of what you will and have experienced.

By using the power of discernment, you will be able to “feel” if what you are hearing is beneficial to accept or reject by the negative or positive way you feel as the information is presented to you.

In your service, AREMETHEUS


About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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