Going Beyond the Jedi



Have NO fear and still the mind…remember in the original Star Wars: Episode IV -A New Hope from 1977?  If not, go rent it now and listen to the Jedi’s Obi-wan and Yoda’s wise words as they train Luke about the unseen FORCE that surrounds us and is within us all.

Although Star Wars was a true gift to mankind at that time, the Jedi’s concepts were mind broadening but limited. It’s now time for a new type of hero to take their place.

This new hero is goes BEYOND THE JEDI and becomes a living example of peace in action and inaction alike. Serving the world not by swinging a light saber but by just being the BEING that they are born to be. Uniquely themselves! Whole and complete as they are.

These new wayshowers have no need to fight. They use their ability of their powerful connection to the source or force combined with their mind to live in the moment as an awakened soul. They consciously know that they are creating moment to moment without a doubt and that all is in perfect order. They know beyond a belief that they are co-creating their reality with the Source of All That Is and every “thing” unfolds precisely when it’s in the highest good to do so.

With practice these way showers perfected the ability to come directly from the higher heart and in doing so created a flow that cannot lead them astray…

Welcome my friend…YOU ARE the BEYONDERS. Practice daily coming from your higher heart. For those who would like guidance you may leave a reply or contact TRE KAA for a free daily exercise .pdf that will assist you in claiming your Divine right to fully allow yourself to be YOU.

This is for those who go BEYOND THE JEDI…The Force IS with you! ~Aremetheus

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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