Go Within to Find Solutions

What if you knew without a doubt that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK?

When you want to know about something as surprising as it may be, to seek within yourself IS the place where you will find all the answers to any question that you can think of.

There are other ways that will open up to assist you when you ask a question even if it’s unspoken. There’s unseen energy that transmits with every thought that you have. The impulse goes out to the ethers and immediately is answered without delay.

Then why don’t you get the answer immediately? Many times the answer is right before you, but it comes in unconventional ways. By releasing your expectations, you are able to create a “clean slate” and the Universe will bring forth new ways of communication to you. RELEASE the idea that your question has not been answered. Act as though your question HAS BEEN already answered and you will begin to see the events and signs all about you. Just like when you buy a car or an item. You begin to notice others also have that item, brand or something similar. This shows you what you are focused on.


Everything in the outer world reflects how you feel about yourself. Think about how your day went yesterday. Was there anything that happened that you do not prefer? What were you focused on that may have co-created the response or event?

Now do the same exercise and reflect on what part of the day went especially well or smoothly. What thoughts, feeling or focus may have contributed to that overall positive event?

Earth is YOU, you are EARTH! Take care of yourself and love yourself unconditionally. This same self love will spread through out the world that you have created from within.

When you watch the video below, does it resonate FEAR or LOVE within you? Are you excited to be a part of the changes towards solutions in the world? Any THING comes from the outer world. The outer eyes see outer THINGS. The inner eye (pineal gland) sees inner reality.  ALL OUTER REALITY is unlimited, abundant and without lack of any sort. Lack is created from the MIND and can only effect those who think it is REAL. Move from fear and dive into co creating a world that reflects the happy, healthy, whole YOU! Is always has and will be a reflection from within your own mind.

You are the guru you’ve been looking for…EVERYTHING IS ALREADY OK and in PERFECT ORDER.

~BEZON & The Space Alliance

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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