Emotions are the 4th part of man

We’ve all heard about the human experience being of the mind, body and spirit. There’s an equally important part of man that has been little talked about…EMOTIONS.

The emotions are the indicators that lie within every Soul on the planet. Emotions may be experienced as a feeling of positive, negative or neutral. Based on the feeling, you can see exactly where you are in life.

Are you uncomfortable? Anxious? Fearful? Happy? Excited? These are all indications as to how you feel about yourself.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge these feelings, you are able to choose if you wish to adjust your perception so that you create a better feeling. There’s NO THING or Person can influence your choice to chose the feeling

Based on what you’re feeling in the moment, it creates an outer experience that directly reflects the same or like energies back to you. Life mirrors how you feel about yourself.

When you come from the heart, you will only receive uplifting, positive feelings and thoughts. No judgements about yourself or another come into your mind when your focus is centered on the heart space.  With practice of responding from the center of the heart, you will find that your thoughts, responses and actions will be aligned with unconditional love and positive feelings.

For a free exercise to balance and align your Emotional body please visit: http://www.best-text-psychic.com and go to the main page near the bottom.

Peace is yours for the choosing!




About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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