What is the 5th element?

Now that you know about the 4 parts of man from the last blog, let’s dive into a deeper question: WHAT IS THE 5TH ELEMENT of man?


Of all of the experiences a person may believe that they are having during their physical lifetime, to “Know Thyself” is at the grand central core for one to be able to experience a feeling of freedom that is more in alignment to the essence of your Soul’s true nature.

This fundamental foundation is often undermined or even missed. Some souls choose, yes choose, to remain unaware of their eternal aspect of their existence and live primarily in the outer life physical matrix program without experiencing a feeling of freedom that balancing the yin (inner) and yang (outer) consciousness creates.

This ability to know thyself must come from….YOUR SELF!

To know thyself cannot be taught, learned or shared. It’s intimately part of your own essence and it’s a feeling that lies within you and only you can determine what to feel. As a person becomes more aware of this “non physical form” or eternal aspect of themselves, a feeling of unified expansion, power and Self Love is present. To know thyself is the unseen glue that connects the other 4 parts of man to ALL THAT IS.

To know thyself is to feel and KNOW that you and the Source are one in the same essence. This source has been called many names since the beginning of created time.

“Things” are manifestations of the outer world that the physical senses come to believe are real. The outer world is temporary and these holograms or images will one day be like a distant memory that fades away and inevitably goes back to whence it came.

The Source of who you are or essence is not a separate “thing”from you. It’s not in some other dimension. It’s in ALL dimensions, past, present, parallel and future. It exist always. It’s not a “thing” that you find only inside you or above you, or in someone or some other being. This unseen Source is omnipresent, omnipotent, and All That Is. The outer world is just a reflection of the expression projected before the person own point of view. It is what it is without judgement.


EXERCISE: Go outside and take your shoes off. As your feet touch the ground, begin to imagine that you are connected to all the trees and nature around you, the sky, the stars, the water, the people, the animals, the planets…every THING. Do the 3 breath as described in the first blog published on this site. This creates a necessary balance when breathing. First “action” then “inaction” and repeat. Do you feel more connected? Do this at least once a day to reset, recharge and balance your energies.

The Source is YOU, the Source is ALL…Know Thyself.

You are loved ~Aremetheus

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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