Energy “packets” 17 April 2016


As I looked up in the night sky I could sense the energy around me changing. There was a spiral coming down from the starry night above that drove itself into the ground like a golden spike. The sound of Michael’s voice drove the spiraling energy deeper and deeper into Earth’s core.  Suddenly, it was like I was inside of a Mario Brother’s game. There were “packets” of energy forms floating around inside the spiral. It was as if they were caught up in the spiral’s tornado. I sat inside the eye of the spiral and felt the calm, the peace, the power of stillness.

What is this? I asked higher self. “Energy packets” I heard. “Michael’s voice produces them like a unwrapped gift. When opened by the right frequency, it releases information that will accelerate humanity and move all people on the planet forward and in the highest good”. Wow! Not only did the vibration of his voice produce the packet, he was grounding it into the Earth as it opened up and like a neutron bomb it spread out in a ring around the Earth so that all persons can now have access to it. I thought, Saturn must have a lot of information it shares then. Like a record! So many rings and dimensional portals within them.

As Michael came back to his outer senses, he shook off the cold night air and together we gave a moment of gratitude to what just took place. I felt a third presence of another Beyonder with us. Yes! V was with us. Her infinite feminine essence of the void quietly stood in the background enabling all to take place. And yet, there was a fourth Beyonder whose vision came up as we got back into Rigel (our car)…Ah, the youngest of the Beyonders  yet one of the closest apprentices to Merlin in Earth’s history. What was he doing there in no form with us I asked. I was told that he was assisting us in finding the location where we stopped to listen to what was to happen next. He too found himself in that same area that very night unbeknownst to us.

Just as I thought the night was complete, I was startled to find a female space being sitting in the back seat of the car! Her name was TRI NA.

more to come…

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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