With movement all around you, life may feel beyond “real” as day to day activities seem to pile up and appear to be right “in your face” and at every turn. This may create an overwhelming feeling and internal stress. Consider this an indicator that your mind is to busy with creating more chatter in response to this bombardment of outer stimuli.

The outer world illusion is the perfect design for growth through these “experiences” to seemingly take place.

Without using your own mind’s creations does life exist?  There is a vastness that is undefined, formless and full potential that awaits your command.

What will you choose to express while you dance with the Source of All That Is?

The nameless become names and stories to tell. Each Soul with their own perspective and created dramas. Never ending scenarios as the active mind carries on creating pathways of expression to the outer realms of reality.

Be still and KNOW Thyself.

Feel the peace and quietness at the core of your essence…ALL is WELL. ~Aremetheus



About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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