There is NO reality except your own definition of it.

Repeat to yourself often:

“I Release and I Let Go,

I let my Spirit guide my path.”

By following your heart’s desire when you take action towards what excites you most in any given moment, this action then communicates to your Spirit or Divine Self that you are listening and ready to act in accordance to this inner guidance. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. This internal relationship with your divine self is and always will be creating your outer reality. Act only on what feels best in the moment and you will be guided optimally through every aspect of your life without effort. All comes easily to those who do not expect or know any “thing”. ~ Aremetheus

Your reality does not support you

nor does it have the power to support you…

YOU support your REALITY!


If you look for outer reality to support you, it will not. If YOU support your reality you will be supported because it comes from your KNOWING that is a reflection of no other reality that what YOU choose to create.

If YOU support YOUR own belief, reality will be supported because it comes from your KNOWING that is a reflection of no other reality that what YOU choose to create. By changing the old beliefs that do not serve you, you clean out all limitations.

Here are 7 steps to manifesting your reality from Bashar of    

1. Have a VISION or picture of what you would like to experience. What do you want? Ask only for the “thing” you are wanting with a knowing that it will manifest in the best possible way and in the highest good for all without effort or planning.

2. DESIRE. When you think of what you are wanting, FEEL a strong intense desire of excitement for that vision.

3. Your BELIEFS. Find out if you have any limiting beliefs that doubt or fear what you’re really desiring then CHANGE limiting beliefs to “anything is possible” belief or another positive one.

4. KNOWING. Total ACCEPTANCE of the new belief and self.

5. Set your INTENTION to manifest what you desire. Focus, Will and conscious choice (this takes no effort) or this can be called conscious commandment of your desire.

6. You must ACT and BEHAVE or “be HAVE” as though you already are living with what you desire. This GROUNDS the action and represents the reality what you want, desire. Your ACTIONS and body language must be as if you are ALREADY living what you desire including the way it FEELS.

7. Then ALLOWANCE is the last step. You LET it completely GO and completely DETACH from how it will manifest. You cannot hold onto the desire that you are waiting for the manifestation to happen. KNOW that IT’S DONE and PERFECT as it is now. RELEASE ALL expectations even if outer reality is not reflecting what you desire yet…. KNOW IT IS ALREADY COMPLETE. All is perfect the way it is. Outer reality is simply a reflection and not a way to manifest.

If you exist, you deserve to be your optimal self as you are. Perfect, whole and complete. The sooner you release the idea of having to get permission from yourself or others, the quicker your slate is wiped clean for your new reality to take its place. ~Aremetheus

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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