This 4th of July do yourself a favor by feeling the Freedom that comes from within


You have and ALWAYS will have absolute FREEDOM the moment you realize that freedom is an attribute that cannot be bought, traded, taken nor withheld from anyone.

Freedom goes even beyond FEELING and that means going beyond “things”. Much like LOVE, freedom reigns. The mind of the human experiencing the outer world is co-creating, observing and perceiving their life journey by broadcasting thoughts and feelings to the creator of ALL THAT IS which is also an aspect of your inner being. This untouchable essence of consciousness cannot be contained nor limited in any way even if the human creates outer illusionary limitations based on their own belief system, ideas, thoughts or feelings.

Enjoy feeling FREEDOM and know that it is NO THING so it cannot be taken from you.

~The Space Alliance

About BeyondaJedi

Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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