Your body is your PET


Your body is an organism much like all living organisms but there’s a very special connection that it has with you. Personally, privately and publicly.  The body’s memory listens to the Soul within and as time went on people began to associate their body with WHO they are and this created con fusion to the cells. No longer did the body create perfect health and well being since the body must obey the mind.

As the saying goes “mind over matter”. So fast forward to today and it’s obvious that the body has been stressed with people believing that they ARE the body and the body defines them. Self love begins with loving your pet and every THING about you.

I, Y-BON have come up with a simple solution to assist mankind in reeducating their minds as to FREE their body from the mis concept ualization that has created an ongoing illusionary dis ease within the mind and body connection.

When you start to treat your body as if it were your FAVORITE pet (for this example we shall use a beloved dog) you will begin to unify the connection between the mind/body/spirit/emotions. When you wake up in the morning: First you connect with your breath, then the heart and as you feel the power in the joy of being alive, slowly begin to stretch out where ever you are. Like a dog or cat when they get up after lying down for a period of time.

When you take care of your body as if it is your favorite pet you will find it a delight to look in the mirror and see the beauty of your personal exquisite friend staring back at you… for LIFE! Together you journey through the day and night: feeding, loving, and nurturing your pet. Caring for your body as if it is your ALL TIME favorite friend that will always be there for you, listening to and feeling your perspective of the thoughts you choose to ponder. Take the time to nurture, talk, “pet” or massalady labge, exercise, clean, groom, and feed your best friend with healthy fuel.

You will look forward to looking in the mirror at your unique and charming pet. No more will you say “Oh my! My dog has a wrinkle!” You will find yourself caring and loving your body in a new way. You’ll be amazed as you NOTICE the stress leave your face, shoulders, back, legs, nerves and mind. Have you noticed a dog “shake” off the negative energy after it gets yelled at? Instinctively a dog will shake off and RELEASE lower negative energies that were directed at it.

One of the greatest gifts of a dog is short term memory. The scents or smells bring back the instant connection so they live moment to moment without any worry about the past or future. NO STRESS. You may have noticed your pet will take on your own stresses as compassion is their nature so they do what they can to help your energy stay healthy and stress free. Have you seen people who look like their pet? Losing your image by not fully being yourself can do that. By loving WHO you are as a unique individual you will find that your body will remain healthy, happy and whole.

Isn’t it time to take your pet out for a walk? Look how excited your new found partner gets at that thought. You are the caretaker of your pet and your loyal comrade listens and responds directly to ALL that you think, say and do.

Every THING on Earth is backwards. Your DOG is waiting for your loving attention.

Choose Health & Joy,


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Representative of the Space Alliance and Ambassador for the Council of Light Sharing insights to awaken all to their true essence.
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