This site is a transmission board for The Space Alliance which was founded by five space beings (or beings of light) who transmitted messages through a clairvoyant woman named Ti Mar. They represent and alliance of other life forms that our known Universe and beyond. Bezon is the spokesperson for the Space Alliance and the other four are: Spacifica, Y-Bon, Rusc and Sog. First contact between the Space Alliance and Earth started through an “overshadowing session” given by Ti Mar and shared to the public in 1980.

After Ti Mar’s transition, Tre Kaa was guided to continue teach the Spectrum Health Using Universal Energies class that Y-Bon and The Space Alliance brought forth through Ti Mar. Today Tre Kaa continues to meet with The Space Alliance and provide the information through overshadowing sessions.

Bezon explains: An overshadowing session is different than a trance or channeling as Bezon stated, “These sessions are different from a trance and we call them overshadowing. They are the most accurate means of distance communication. We teletransport an electromagnetic formation to position behind the intended receiver. Our communication in a trance can include this same magnetic formation, however such a trance session is rare because communicators must consider the energy of the contactee. The lesser energy used by telepathy makes it the best choice.’1

Bezon’s first message to the world was this:

‘We are people from another dimension who are different from you in many ways. Kindred in spirit with all life forms, we come from the light worlds to bring a message about peace and Earth changes.’2

‘We are members of the Space Alliance which represents all dimensional lands and people. As spokesman for the Alliance, it is my job to bring a ‘get acquainted’ message to the people of Earth. We are here to open the door of communication between all life forms. Only when people of Earth know of the many life forms in this Universe, can their trust allow open communications between our peoples.’

Bezon invites all people and galaxies as members into the Space Alliance. The Space Alliance continues to work with all who have a passionate desire for the good of all.

The Space Alliance continues to provide helpful information about the changes that those on Earth and the planet is going through as humanoids move into their next evolutionary stage as galacticoid beings.

We welcome your questions and insights and we ask that you assist if desired to create a positive solution based source where all can take part in.


Ti Mar, The Space Alliance, Tre Kaa, Aremetheus and friends

Notes: 1 & 2 were quoted from Travel The Winds: A Beginning Mystery book written by Ti Mar and the Space Alliance. September 1992

Other books of Ti Mar’s:

Travel The Winds: Extended Mysteries by Ti Mar and The Space Alliance.

Knowledge Within by Bezon, Y-Bon, Spacificia, Rusc, Sog & Ti Mar. 1999

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  1. TRE KAA says:

    This site is dedicated to the improvement of mankind’s health and well being by sharing information and training those interested in becoming a practitioner of Spectrum Healing using Universal Energies (SHUE). The training can be in person or on-line since there is no time/space issues from our point of view. The mentors are all members of The Space Alliance and we address all persons as equals no matter who they think they are. We all come from the great NO THING or VOID. This VOID has been called many names in many dimensions so we shall refer to the connecting essence of all “THINGS” as All That Is. As we journey together communication simplifies from the interaction that we share in thought.
    As you and your Earth’s memory banks begin to open more and more, there are wondrous new offerings to all and this is occurring literally every moment in your time/space reality. Sound, Colors, Vibrational Healing and Balance is coming back into your now time. Soon your TRUE history of your planet will reveal itself for all. This will be world wide and new books of Earth’s history will need to be completely rewritten. Come join your star family as we reintroduce ourselves and as we combine our consciousness we will co-create together! This is truly living life fully. For the excitement is an all time high on your planet and the entire Universe moves with your growth! We have watched in awe as your galactic heritage was hidden from you. It is time for our long awaited communication to begin with our brethren. Hu-manity is moving quickly into their true role as Hybrid Galactic Beings whom are part of the Galactic Federation of your Universe.
    The Space Alliance is a group of benevolent beings from various dimensional light realms/worlds who have dedicated their services to assist mankind in the transition from a more dense world experience into a lighter vibrational existence.
    There are many Earth beings who are in contact from beings from other worlds and dimensions. The Space Alliance focus on improving mankind’s ability to move into their birthright smoothly and comfortably by sharing insights in: Power of the Mind, Regenerative tissue regrowth for the body, cellular demagnification for rejuvenation and lengthening one’s life span. Let us know how we can better address your questions by posting them here. We will then have the appropriate translator reply as soon as they are able. For now, move towards raw foods such as fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. These “live” foods will assist you in moving your vibration upwards to match the energy that is now available and will be the norm in the years to come.


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