Where did my past go?

Groundhog Day

As you pay attention to your thoughts you may find yourself preoccupied with the past. EXPERIENCE your infinite aspect of yourself by doing this: Practice living in the now where there is NO past. This new freedom will bring pleasant surprises by allowing new avenues to open up for you.

The past served you then not now. By releasing the associations of what was, there’s a new conscious charge that is set into motion. This can help you to transcend any limiting thoughts or beliefs that you had believed was a fact. Possibilities are open and unlimited by creating a void where the old belief used to hold a place in your mind.

NEW energies will begin to flow. At first, this can bring an uneasy feeling when there’s an unknown factor, but this is easily cleared by trusting that ALL IS WELL and whatever presents itself to you consider it is a direction towards balance, health and well being.

You are adored, SA

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Everyday becomes you

What you focus on and give attention to within your mind is what is attracted into your life. How you “feel” about it is the speed in which it will come into your life. The more passion about what you’re thinking the more quickly it comes.

As you desire to move into a broadened sense of being you are “Real-Eye-Zing” that YOU are the director and writer of your own life experiences. As you take responsibility for your “BS” Belief Systems you can delete the old and create new ones. This silent observation enables you to free your mind and create new perceptions that better suit your hearts guiding desires.

Enjoy the excitement of your new creations and feel the consciousness that resides within ALL THAT IS.

This is the year that you will “Real Eyes” your greatness and find love for yourself and the dance of the Outer fabricated world and the Inner eternal space of the No-THING-ness. Allow yourself to feel the balance and ENJOY ALL.

You are and always were FREE,

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Looking beyond the ordinary

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More insight is always revealed when appropriate


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Feel your connection to ALL consciousness

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Called to invent beyond what was seen as possible

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A genius beyond the jedi


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